Food, cosmetics & pharmaceutical hoses


    Ultra hygienic non-convoluted PTFE liner with stainless steel helix and a AISI 304 high tensile, stainless steel braid. The hose has exceptionally good vacuum and kink resistance properties for extreme performance.

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    Our Speed-Flow® smooth P.T.F.E. hoses are manufactured from PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) and can be assembled with hydraulic tail fittings.

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    Standard wall PTFE tubing for transfer of high purity products, chemicals, dairy and cosmetic products.

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    Ultra hygienic smooth bore flexible PTFE
    (polytetrafluorethylene) hose with convoluted outer wall and
    a AISI 316 high tensile, stainless steel braid with extruded

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    Premium grade low permeation delivery hose suitable for beer and a wide range of non fatty food products with an improved resistance to higher pressure.

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    Suction and delivery hose suitable for a wide range of food products.
    Not recommended for fatty food products and oil.

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    Suction and delivery hose suitable for fatty and non-fatty food products.

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    Suction and delivery hose suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Meets migration test according to BfR Recommendation XV & XXI Cat. 2. Not intended for use as an implant material. Not suitable for blood or human fluids.

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