Brake-Flow® is manufactured from virgin PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) resin with AISI 304 stainless steel, high tensile braid. Available in neon (transparent) or block colors.
Typical applications for this hose are braking systems for mountain bikes, motorcycles and vehicles.
Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 106 SS (FMVS106).


Fittings with Hydraulic Tail.
Brakeflow waaier verkleind

Size Wall thickness Inside diameter Outside diameter Outside diameter Bend radius Working pressure Burst pressure REFERENCE*
Dash mm (Nom. mm) No cover (mm) Incl. cover (mm) mm bar 20°C bar 20°C Virgin
-2 0,90 2,00 4,80 5,80 25 333 1000 T1DPabc02
-3 1,00 3,50 6,27 7,27 38 321 966 T1DPabc03
-4 0,76 4,90 7,75 8,75 51 276 828 T1DPabc04
-5 0,76 6,50 8,95 9,95 70 205 615 T1DPabc05

*abc: colourcode, see below.
The colours may differ from the actual colors.

Without PVC cover                                        
PVC cover: Block colors                            
T1DPGREARMT03 Army green
T1DPBLKT03 Black
T1DPPURDEET03 Deep purple
T1DEBLKT03 Matt black
T1DPGREKAT03 Kawasaki green
T1DPORAT03 KTM orange
T1DPPURT03 Purple
T1DPREDT03 Ducati red
T1DPBLURIZT03 Rizla blue
T1DPSILT03 Silver
T1DPTURT03 Turquoise
T1DPWHIT03 White
T1DPBLUYAT03 Yamaha blue
T1DPYELT03 Yellow
PVC cover: Neon (transparent) colors
T1DPCLRT03 Clear
T1DPSMOT03 Smoke
T1DPNBLUT03 Neon blue
T1DPNBLUDEET03 Neon deep blue
T1DPNBLUDENT03 Neon denim blue (Jeans)
T1DPNGRET03 Neon green
T1DPNPURT03 Neon purple
T1DPNREDT03 Neon red
T1DPNYELT03 Neon yellow
T1DPNORAT03 Neon orange