SPEED-FLOW® Gas, double braid Kevlar®/SS


Speed-Flow® Gas, double braid Kevlar®/SS is manufactured from virgin PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) resin witha double braid of Kevlar® and AISI 304 stainless steel, high tensile braid to suit hydraulic fittings in high pressure applications. The stabilised PTFE inner core guarantees minium diffusion through the wall making it ideal for gas applications.


Fittings with Hydraulic Tail.

Kevlar® is a DuPont trademark.®
Size Inside diameter Wall-thickness Outside diameter Bending radius Working pressure Burst pressure Weight REFERENCE
inch min. max. min. min. max. mm bar 20°C bar 20°C gr/m Virgin
1/4″ 6,35 6,86 1,02 9,65 10,67 76 415 1655 167 TGD71B006
3/8″ 10,03 10,54 1,02 13,84 14,86 127 310 1240 278 TGD71B010